Ocean Blue Medical Research Center offers and do full-service early phase clinical research and collect data about single and multiples doses, drug interaction, proof-of-concept, bioequivalence, cardiac safety, special populations, therapeutic subspecialties; test of large and small molecules, as well as new and generic compounds.

All data generated are accurate and quickly collected by selecting the most appropriate assay and the latest bioanalytical technologies and recruiting the most appropriate healthy and patient participants and assigning the most experienced clinical teams, including physicians, nurses, scientists and project managers to your study.

The data collected is given to our clients and sponsors for further analysis that help them to make critical decisions when needed.

Our extended experience and professionalism, make of our company your perfect choice in South Florida: comprehensive, flexible, with a great staff, ready to meet all your expectations and needs. Working with us is a rewarding experience either for our clients and sponsors as well as for each volunteer who decides participate of a clinical trial.

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