Quality Assurance

The Ocean Blue Medical Research Center Quality Assurance team has over 20 years of collective experience in clinical research.

Thanks to this, we can ensure and guarantee the integrity of documents and sources, regulatory files and complete data case reports forms at all times.

We are aware that our work will be audited by regulatory authorities, which requires putting a lot of attention during the process of collection of data to avoid loss and unnecessary delays, which would defeat the operation of our center of medical research, just to mention our own example, not to mention the damage it would cause to our patients and sponsors.

Therefore, to ensure the quality and efficiency of our work, is the number one priority. Proof of this has been the successfully pass numerous audits and routine inspections conducted by multiple sponsors and Institional Review Boards (IRBs).

We at Ocean Blue Medical Research Center, are very proud of our work, dedication and our entire team is committed to continue to provide satisfactory service to our clients, and help for a better future for everyone.

Quality Assurance Team Responsibilities

  • Implementation, development and revision of the standard operating procedures (SOP);
  • Preparation for audits from sponsors and FDA;
  • Staff training;
  • Quality assurance tips to Coordinators;
  • Standardization of quality assurance procedures in all areas, among others.
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